Just some fun implementing a coral growth algorithm in Houdini roughly based on the following papers:

J. A. Kaandorp: Macroscopic Modelling of Environmental Influence on Growth and Form of Sponges and Corals Using the Accretive Growth Model
R. Merks, A. Hoekstra, J. Kaandorp, P. Sloot: Models of coral growth: spontaneous branching, compactification and the Laplacian growth assumption

The setup is quite simple and basically a bi-directional simulation model in which the environment (sunlight, fluid flow, nutrient concentration) influences the growth process but also gets influenced likewise by the growing structure itself. The images below are visualizing this interrelation by showing the resulting geometry after some of the environmental conditions have been changed.


4 thoughts on “CORAL GROWTH

    1. The algorithm is based on the papers by Kaandorp an Merks which are listed above.
      Basically it’s similar to a typical Laplacian growth algorithm but coupled with DOPs and some “homemade” solvers to simulate the physical environment.


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